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Based in South Australia, Cad Cam Orthotics manufactures a wide range of sophisticated custom foot orthoses for health care professionals globally.


Cad Cam Orthotics is the founding laboratory of the highly sophisticated LaserCAM Orthotics computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacture (CAM) system. This system allows all of our laboratory users to have an in-depth understanding of digital manufacture to the level of designing their own orthosis models from the clinic.


This system is incredibly accurate, generating a highly conforming negative model that provides the baseline shape for an expansive range of possible surface modifications.

Cad Cam Orthotics EVA Orthoses

Anthony is the Managing Director of Cad Cam Orthotics. His diverse range of experience has helped him to bring new and innovate ideas to the world of orthotic manufacture. His current objective is to provide high-end, yet affordable CADCAM software to clinicians.

Anthony Dwyer

Managing Director

Simon has over a decade of orthotic manufacturing experience ranging from direct-machined EVA to vacuum formed polypropylene. Simon can help clinicians to understand how to get the absolute best clinical outcomes when using Cad Cam Orthotics.

Simon Mead

Laboratory Manager

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