What makes our EVA orthoses different?

It all starts with an accurate 3D scan.

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Full Colour 3D

We distribute scanners that capture the human foot in it's full colour. This means a much more accurate prescription as we can utilise full colour markings in CAD.

Non-Weight Bearing

We highly recommend you capture the foot from a non-weight bearing position as this conforms more closely with evidence-based guidelines for 3D imaging of the human foot.

Clinical Reference

As our hardware captures the foot in full 3D colour we can utilise your clinical reference for frontal plane alignment, just like we would with a plaster cast.

Next, we align 3D scans and generate a 1:1 orthosis model.

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Aligned to Reference

We align the 3D scan according to the reference measurement provided by the clinician. We have a strict policy of no lab discretion. We help you to understand what measures we need so you get the best clinical outcomes.

1:1 Model Generation

The highly accurate 3D scan of the patients foot is then used to generate a 1:1 orthosis model using the LaserCAM Orthotics CADCAM system. No libraries. No shortcuts.

Model Import

We then import this model into our Editor software which allows us to implement your prescription requests accurately and reliably.

We manufacture with high-grade, low compression set (%) EVA.

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5% Compression Set

We believe that there should be an industry standard for ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) products used to manufacture custom orthoses. We routinely test the mechanical properties of our EVA to ensure optimal compression set (%) and consistency in density.


We do not heat our EVA as this compromises the structural integrity of the material, instead we cold-cut EVA blanks using CNC routers.

Low Filler

Our EVA has an extremely low filler % meaning a more consistent product that is easier to work with.

Orthoses are then hand finished by a team with decades of experience.

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Meticulously Finished

We pride ourselves on manufacturing custom EVA foot orthoses of the highest quality. We have thorough quality control procedures that ensure consistency in CAD, CAM, hand finishing and top covering.

EVA Selection

We offer a total of 19 EVA options. Our EVA comes in 11 different colours and ranges from very soft 120kgm/³ EVA all the way to extremely tough 400kg/m³.

Quality Top Covers

We offer a huge range of 68 different cover variations and stock only high-quality top covering materials.

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